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Jo Ann is a graduate of the Huntington Junior College with an Associate Degree in Court Reporting. She is certified by the National Court Reporters Association as a Registered Diplomate Reporter, a Certified Realtime Reporter, Certified Broadcast Captioner, Certified CART Provider, Certified Legal Video Specialist and as a Certified Program Evaluator. She has also completed NCRA-provided certificate programs as a Realtime Systems Administrator and a Trial Presentation Professional.

She is retired from the State of West Virginia as an Official Court Reporter for the Honorable F. Jane Hustead, Judge, of the Sixth Circuit in Huntington, West Virginia.

NCRA is committed to being the leader in advancing the profession of those who capture and integrate the spoken word into a comprehensive and accurate information base for the benefit of the public and private sectors.

Jo Ann was recently awarded with the NCRA’s Fellows of the Academy of Professional Reporters (FAPR) professional distinction.

Registered Diplomate Reporter (RDR)

As of November 1994, the court reporting profession’s most talented professionals have the opportunity to prove themselves.

The RDR is the highest level of certification available to court reporters. This certification program was developed to allow high-level, seasoned reporters to distinguish themselves as members of the profession’s elite.

In its comprehensive analysis of the profession, Hay Management Consultants refers to the RDR as the epitome of excellence among court reporters. Currently of the more than 11,000 members, the NCRA has just over 350 RDRs.

Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR)

A CRR is a reporter who has proven that they have the talent, have invested in the time and equipment to provide a real-time translation of the proceedings to the Court and to the attorneys during the hearing. The Court and the attorneys use this service to mark testimony and make notes during the proceedings for use later in the case.

Certified Broadcast Captioner (CBC)

A CBC is a real-time reporter who has demonstrated that they have the skills and knowledge to provide Close-Captioning to the television audience. Unlike court work, which is verbatim, the broadcast captioner will often paraphrase in order to shorten the text and assist the reader. Although some captioning can be done in advance, most of the work is done live, in real-time.

Certified CART Provider (CCP)

A CCP is a real-time reporter who has demonstrated that they have the skills and knowledge to provide Close-Captioning to the hearing impaired. These services are often used in schools and in public meetings. They can be directed to a large group or to a single person. Like the broadcast captioner, the text is often paraphrased to assist the reader. However, unlike the broadcast captioner or the court reporter the CART provider will often include descriptions of events occurring in the room by other than the speaker. This is done to help the hearing impaired person better understand what is taking place. For example; “The speaker is upset because a person sitting behind you is making disrupting sounds.”

Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS)

A CLVS is a videographer who has successfully completed a three step process in the legal video profession. Step one is attending a NCRA seminar that covers equipment, procedures and standards for the legal video field. Step two is passing a written exam given by an independent professional testing service on those items. And then step three is successfully recording a mock deposition in which you are graded against those standards.

Certified Program Evaluator (CPE)

A CPE is an individual trained to evaluate and certify undergraduate court reporting programs. The CPE assists the school through the rigorous certification process and performs the official evaluation.

Realtime Systems Administrator

A Realtime Systems Administrator is an individual who is trained to fully integrate realtime technologies, both hardware and software, into the courtroom or deposition setting.

Trial Presentation Professional

A Trial Presentation Professional specializes in efficiently and effectively using new technologies to present multiple types of evidence in a court setting.

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