Legal Video

Department headed by

Gene Betler, CLVS CTTS


Simply knowing that one has skills in videography is not enough. One must understand that there are certain things which cannot be included in legal video evidence that will later be introduced into a trial. Common video practices that are normally accepted procedures in other forms of videography can cause evidence to be thrown out of court.

A search for knowledge led Gene to obtain certifications in both the American Guild of Court Videographers (AGCV), as a CTTS, and the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) as a CLVS. These are the only organizations made up of professional videographers specifically trained in legal videography.

To become a CLVS you must attend classes taught by NCRA, then pass a written exam which includes the requirements of Rule 30 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures, the Rules 1000-1007 of the Federal Rules of Evidence, the State and District Court rules, legal ethics and the knowledge of video and audio equipment and recordings. Upon successfully passing the written exam, you must then demonstrate your proficiency by participating in a practical exam made up of recording a mock deposition. Your performance is graded against the NCRA standards. Upon satisfactory completion of both the written and the practical exams, you are awarded the designation of CLVS.

To become a CTTS you must demonstrate the ability and knowledge to provide all aspects of legal videography including such things as video recording depositions, scenes of incidents, proof of damages, evidence of insurance fraud, video wills and pre-nuptial agreements, day-in-the-life documentaries, pre-construction surveys, settlement documentaries and much, much more.

Having met all of the above requirements, Gene has been awarded the Certified Trial Technology Specialist (CTTS) from AGCV and the Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) from NCRA and is now ready to work for you!

Gene has also completed the Trial Presentation Professional certificate program from the NCRA. A Trial Presentation Professional specializes in efficiently and effectively using new technologies to present multiple types of evidence in a court setting.

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